Course: Statistics for Business

Statistics for Business is the course given by Full Professor Josemari Sarasola in the EHU/UPV Economics and Business Faculty in Donostia. Here below you can find the course material available at this moment:

    1. Probability Calculus
    2. Random variables and probability distributions
    3. Expected value and variance
    4. Bernoulli processes  (sheet: Larson nomogram)
      1. Introduction to statistical testing
      2. The sign test, (tables for the sign test)
      3. Sheet: introducing the geometric distribution
    5. Hypergeometric distribution
      1. Fisher's exact test
    6. Poisson processes
    7. Uniform distributions
    8. Power law distributions
    9. Normal distribution and Central Limit Theorem
    10. Introduction to Statistical Inference
    11. Parametric tests
    12. Confidence intervals
    13. Properties of estimators (not available yet)


And finally, the practice book for all the lessons: Workbook: exercise collection (exercises for lessons that are not available are not available yet)

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